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Our Mould Factory, established in 1988, is a specialist manufacturer of plastic injection moulds and plastic hollow moulds. Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art mould process equipment, large planer type CNC milling machines, medium and small sized CNC machining centers, CNC electrical Die-charge machines, CNC cutting machine and CNC deep hole process machines, totally 16 machines. CAD, CAE and CAM are used in the process of development and manufacture to optimize design and shorten cycle so that the quality of mould manufacturing can be ensured.
Plastic blowing mould series: packaging container moulds from 0.1 liters to 1000 liters;
Plastic injection mould series: various kinds of plastics injection lamp decoration moulds, plastic chair moulds and full-automatic high efficiency plastic paintings.
We have complete moulds for you to select no matter enormous ones or little ones.Our factory is a member of China Die & Mould Association. As the mother of products, mould is vital to product development and production, as well as enterprise.
We always adhere to the principle of honesty and credibility and make great efforts to develop excellent products for customers with pioneering spirit. We are ready to join hands with friends from all walks of life to create brilliant future.
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1.How is Injecting system for mould ?
1.1). The gating location should not affect on the product appearance and meet assembly standard.
1.2). Gate and runner to be machined according to injection machine parameter.
1.3). Runner Gate type is accordance with the specifications.
2.How is GonSon Mould ejecting systems?
2.1). Mould ejecting by injector pin ,injector sleeves,ejecting block,stripper plate,oil cylinder, nitriding cylinder and so on.
2.2). Ejecting and returning back smoothly without voice.
3.How is GonSon Air vent system?
3.1). Air vent is designed on part line and guide pin,some necessary area.
3.2). The depth of exhaust slot is lower than the plastic spilled edge value.
3.3). Inserts assembled in accordance with standard and installed smooth.
4.How is GonSon mould For cooling system?
4.1). Reasonable 30-40mm distance for Cooling channel and making circle water line,There is 15-20mm between product and water line .
4.2). The shape and size of the seal groove on the mold base up to standard.
4.3). Smear grease when installing the sealing ring and after installing the sealing ring, it is above the mold base.